Friday, 27 April 2012

Charity shop haul

Over the past few days i have been selling lots of furniture and things which has meant i have a little spending money. Today i went into my local town and hit the charity shops to see what bargains i could find as a treat. In the first charity shop i was drawn to a wooden box with a key on a piece of string. The price tag said £25 reduced to £10. On opening this curious box i found an old style singer sewing machine. Its amazing, so pretty i would use it as an ornament. I cant post a picture right now as it was too heavy to carry home (its in the OH car) but i promise to show you! I was pleased as punch with this purchase and then went exploring the other charity shops and grabbed some other bits.

First i went to oxfam and they had a table with bits reduced to a pound. I love a bargain table and snatched up these,
10 Note cards £5.99 price on the back - bargain

16 Panasonic blank DVD disks (OH might find a use)

Not on the £1 table but 50p each so also a pound :D
Then i went to the red cross. I love this charity shop the most in my town as it is so well presented. The ladies in there obviously go to so much effort to organise and present the stock it makes a nice shopping experience. I am not against rooting but sometimes you miss out on gems all because the shop has too much stock crammed in. I was really happy when i spotted the next things i got. Firstly i found this T shirt by Tipster, with the label still in and in fabulous condition, for £3.00

Flitting though the rails some more i found a hoodie by Pink Apple that i was drawn too. It is not something i would usually wear however i thought it was super cute and retro looking that for £3.50 it seemed a bargain. This was also in excellent condition. 
Pink Apple my little pony hoodie

wahhh, its so cute. I will hang onto this for a while and if i never wear it i will pass it onto a friend who i know will love it. 

So that is my charity shop haul. I spent £19.50 altogether and feel like i have a bargain. After a little scouting on the Internet i have found a similar looking sewing machine to the one i bought for £60-£100 so i might have bagged myself a gem. Without the exact model i can not be sure but i will do a post about it very soon!

Have you grabbed any charity shop bargains recently?


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