Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A blog from Blackpool - Swap

I have discovered lots of new people from starting blogging and getting involved in the beauty community and its really great. What is more fun is that i have got back in touch with friends from Blackpool who i have not spoken to in years, Danielle the brains behind A blog from Blackpool and the lovely Neeny from Neenys wish list.
Picture stolen from Facebook 
 It is great to get back in contact after all these years after college, uni and moving away. I love reading their blogs, especially the Blackpool ones as i miss home lots and reminds me why i love my home town so much.

Danielle suggested we did a swap of things we don't use as she had a few things she thought i would like. If you have read my blog you will know that i love doing swaps, there is nothing better than a surprise parcel at the door - its like Christmas!
I have been a pretty bad swapping partner and still have her parcel here - all ready to post off tomorrow, i really hope Dani likes it. 

I have a disclaimer, two products have found their way to my make up bag, i could not wait and my camera battery died before i could take pictures. I got a lovely lipstick and a gosh loose powder in Paradise (stunning!) So here is *most* of what i received...

 Dani has blogged and reviewed these masks on her 100 day challenge and looked splendid. I always see these in Superdrug and Boots but never buy them so will be excited to try these out. I think they are around the £1.50 mark, If you would like to see Dani modelling a face mask click here
Two sparkly nail varnishes - cant beat a bit of glitter. I have tried the Technic nail varnish in Carnival before after i heard it was a dupe for OPI Rainbow Collection and loved it. I'm very happy to have a back up in my collection. I have never tried a W7 glitter polish before but can confirm this is great and gives a good glittery layer in just one coat, i am modelling my sparkly nails as i type. 

I have wanted to try this for ages, and other than on my hand at debhenams i have not had the chance too without paying the hefty price tag. I got pretty excited when i saw this and i really like it, but i do not think it is much different to the GOSH primer which is much cheaper. I will keep this one in my going away bag as its the perfect size for travelling and does do what it says on the tin. 

Now my favourite item, Mac Gentle Coral tinted lip balm. I proper love this, lots. It feels lovley on my lips but i would not say it is a very moisturising lip balm - however the colour is BEAUT. It has just the right coulour pay off for the day time and i have found this perfect to have in my handbag to spruce myself up during the day. This has become a firm fave of mine and will last me forever. Just as a disclaimer for Dani, this product did not look so messy when she sent it me, i have just used it so much! As Dani sent it me im guessing this is not quite for her - thats why i love swapping - one ladys junk is anothers treasure and all that jazz. 

I am tres excited to try out the Maybelline colour tattoo, im hoping the silver base will work well on a sexy smoky eye. I have not had chance to play with this yet but will let you know how i get on with it.

As i said i got two more items that i will picture and add to this post when i am more organised. Speaking of organisation i have been terrible and still have Dani's here - its being posted tomorrow after a job interview (wish me luck!)

Here is a sneak peek for you darling

Dani's parcel was all wrapped in pretty paper so it was like my birthday and i got a cute little note which is now at home on my hallway pin board of fame. 

If you have not visited Danielle's blog please do, she is super dooper cool and updates regularly unlike another blogger i know (me)

Have you taken part in a blog swap, if so link me to any posts as i love reading about them!

Lots of love


Listen up Glossybox... luxury sample

This is a LUXURY sample....

Recently James bought a bottle of the Victor & Rolph  spice bomb aftershave. It smells really delicious and has become his new favourite. On the box there was a code to join a secret service club. I went onto the website, signed up and entered the code and to be honest forgot all about it. This morning i was very excited to see a parcel on my door mat - i was not expecting anything.

I was surprised to find a beautifully packaged sample set of Victor & Rolph Flower Bomb range. The set came in a lovely little bag (great quality) a mini perfume and a 40ml bomblicious volumptious body cream. Let me tell you, this smells amazing very fruity and feminine.

So if you have a bottle of the Victor and Rolph and have saved the box (as i do) get entering your codes and grab yourself a freebie too. I think the more codes you enter the better the samples but dont quote me on that. What a great little surprise and thumbs up to Victor & Rolph i love it when companies go that extra mile.

P.S Glossy box, this is how it should be done.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Crafty Ladies

I thought i would share with you two new aspiring artists my mum and auntie and their latest collections.

£20657 - for the painting, not mother

Do you think they did a good job?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New Lip products

My name is Kerri and this month i have become addicted to.....

Lip products.

I have even managed to persuade my mother bear to buy some too so i could try out some more. I bought the most amazing, beautiful, wonderful Chanel Lipstick which Mother Bear has stolen off me, and to compensate i have bought these wonderful items. I have never before been that into lip things so it is about time my collection featured some new beautiful things - Ebay has been fantastic this month and i have got some great bargains.

I thought if i was honest and shared this then i could justify how naughty i have been.

:D but i am very happy.....


YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain Review

A few weeks back i visited the YSL make-up counter in Blackpool and tried their new Glossy Stain. The one i tried was a gorgeous coral pink, but i did not make a note of the shade. Whilst the lady was showing me the colours James began to get impatient so i left without buying it. For the next few hours i stared at my lips and really fell in love with this product, it genuinely stayed put for hours.

I had to have one and chose one on-line in the colour 9, Rouge Laque, a true bright red shade.  

The lady at the make up counted had given me advice to apply the first layer this product with a lip brush, as this will stain your skin around your mouth if you mess it up. Once you have put the foundation layer you can use the provided applicator to top up. 
YSL rouge Laque and Avon lip brush

The formula of this gloss on first application is runny, but after a few seconds on the lips and when blended in it turns to a thicker consistency. This takes a little getting used to but i really did find using a lip brush to help in the first stage.
First Layer **

The first layer provides a very light coverage and the texture feels thick but not sticky. 

Second Layer **

The second layer provides the glossiness and gives a much more opaque finish. I will use a lip brush again for this layer at home but top up using the applicator when out which is actually pretty good, just not very precise for the 'stain layer' in my opinion. 

This product is very long lasting and looks fabulous. It does make me nervous that it stains however the consistency is so great it does not really budge. It survives drinking and eating with little need for a top up for at least an hour or two whilst retaining the glossy finish.

I love this product and will consider buying the gorgeous coral colour i first spotted in Blackpool, at £22.50 they are not cheap but as a special treat they would be a great addition to any make up addicts collection. 

Have you tried these, what do you think?


**Please excuse the horrible pictures, i have no other make up on, bad lighting and camera wont focus! This looks much more beautiful and colourful in person :)

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Vs Bourjois Healthy Mix

I have read numerous reviews on both Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and Bourjois Healthy mix foundation so i thought i would out my tuppence in.

Chanel, shade B10 - Boujois, shade 52 Vanille

I loved Bourjois Healthy Mix and swore by it to all of my friends. I use the shade 52 Vanille, the lightest in the range which is available from boots for a reasonable £9.99. The first time i used this i was struck with how delicious this foundation smelled, very fruity. The packaging states that this foundation uses fruit therapy and boasts essence of Apricot, Melon, Apple and Ginger. I don't know if this really makes a difference to your face, but it certainly smells delicious.
I would say this foundation has a medium/light coverage and the colour is great for my very pale skin, but does have a *slight* yellow tone. I use Mac NC15 if this helps you understand the colour shades. this foundation feels very light on the skin and blends pretty easily, i would describe it as having a dewy but also matt finish if that is possible. I wore this foundation for a few months, buying a second bottle which is pretty unusual for me and loved it.

I then went shopping with mother bear who needed some more make up. We were in Leeds and visited the Chanel Counter in Harvey Nicks, i had been meaning to swatch the Vitalumiere Aqua foundation for some time as i had read some great reviews. I swatched it and loved it, as did mother bear and we both grabbed a bottle each, mine in the colour B10.  At £31 this was more than i have ever spent on a foundation but i knew i would love it. And love it i have, on my third bottle this has become a rather expensive staple in my make up bag. This foundation is described as a skin perfecting make up and has a light coverage. My skin is generally pretty good but i have began to suffer from break outs and an uneven skin tone. My trusty Chanel does not always cut the mustard with these days and i have to use a lot of concealer. I bought a new bottle of this only last week and i feel i may be falling out of love. My mums bottle has over 80% left and did not seem such a fan.

After hearing these two foundations were similar i have decided to put them to the test.
L: Chanel R: Bourjois

Slightly blended

Fully blended

The Chanel has a slightly more watery consistency than the Bourjois and is also slightly lighter in colour. Once blended both of the foundations blend nicely and sink into the skin quickly. The Chanel has a more dewy finish and the Bourjois is slightly more matt but both radiant looking. I would say the biggest difference between these foundations is the price, £21 of a difference. The Chanel is more luxurious, it does melt into the skin easier and does not feel like you are wearing anything and suits my pale complexion perfectly. The Bourjois however is also a great foundation and has a much better coverage but slightly yellow on my skin.

My verdict:

I tried both of these on my face to test them properly side by side, but as i am a little poorly i did not want to share my ugly mug with the world so my hand swatches will have to do, sorry!
They are both fabulous and i would recommend both, however if you are on a budget go for the Bourjois, it is well worth the £9.99 price tag. I feel i have rediscovered this foundation and will be using this again and saving my Chanel for those better skin days.

I hope this was of help to somebody!



Secret Blogger Swap - Reveal

I am so excited to show you my Secret Blogger Swap organised by Danielle at Famed Frosting. I loved choosing things for my blogger swappette who unfortunately has decided to take a break from blogging, hope to see you back soon Nicole i loved reading your blog! I hope it got to you safely :)

*Update* I have now got in touch with Nicole she has created a new blog! She has done a beautiful post on our swap which you can read here. Please pop over and visit her because she is such a cutie and takes the most beautiful pictures. So glad i found you Nicole!

I received my swap from the beautiful Katie, you can check out her wonderful blog here.

It was packaged beautifully and i tried so hard not to damage it when i opened it as i will re use it for a gift for somebody else (gotta love a bit of recycling).

The most yummy smelling candle

My first Essie Polish - Ole Caliente

So Beautiful

Yikes, how lucky am i to have received such amazing gifts! I am so excited to try the burts bees foot ream, it smells so pepperminty and it still has the seal on! I am going to give my feet a treat this week (im a poet and i did not know it). I am so truly thankful to Katie for everything she chose i love every single item. I am pretty poorly today, full of a cold and have a terrible cough so i am going to run myself a bath and light my new candle and relax.

Please Check out Katie's blog because she has fabulous crafty posts, house tips and tons of other good stuff to read and is such a nice person, Lovely to meet you x

Thank you again