Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jubilee Give away *closed* Winner announced!

Hello Lovelies, I am giving away a brand new boxed Nails Inc polish in the shade Elizabeth Street, to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 60th Jubilee,

To be in with a chance of winning please follow my blog and leave a comment with your email address and i will pick the winner on Tuesday!

**The winner of this competition is Alex, well done - i have emailed you!:D **

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Queens Jubilee

I am super excited for the upcoming weekend - i have visitors! My mum, Auntie and Cousin are coming to stay and we have lots of cool things planned. I live 3 hours away from my mum so when she comes to stay i get very happy - bonus with My Auntie and Cousin coming too! They will arrive later on Saturday night (im working, boo!) but on sunday we are going to get up super early and visit Hemswell Market. This has a HUGE carboot and lots of antique centres that mother bear wil love to explore. Hemswell is pretty close to Lincoln so if we have time we are popping there too. Lincoln is such a beautiful city and the architecture is fabulous. They also have lots of lovely shops that we will be sure to check out.
 For the Queens Jubilee we are going to my local town to join in with the local festivities, the centre is being decorated as we speak and looks very kitsch. There is a picnic in the street at 11pm with a live band, market stalls, a  parade, dancing, best dressed, window displays and ice cold cider. I bought two vintage picnic blankets from Oxfam and will fill my wicker basket with yummy things for us. I love the old school community spirit around here, they really go all out. In the summer all the villages have fairs, James Granddad even 'shows' his tractor collection (super cute) which i absolutely love. So different to what i have grown up with in Blackpool. I really love our heritage and am proud to be British so I cant wait to celebrate with a cup of tea and a scone (pronounced 'SCON' not 'SCONE')

Market Place - location of our Jubilee Picnic

So today i think i am going to put some bunting up outside and get excited for the weekend to come.

What are your Jubilee plans?

Ebay Parcel #1

I have been a little eBay crazy over the last few weeks, can not resist a bargain. I think i am going to blog each of my parcels so you can see what i got - they are pretty random items!
My doorbell rang today and i got super excited - i thought it was a secret swap i am waiting to receive. I got the parcel, camera and went to open it in the garden - it turns out it was a forgotten about eBay buy but i will share it anyway.

 I visited my Mum a few weeks back in Blackpool and we decided to visit Southport for the day. When we were there we did not do any shopping but had a look in this cool independent toy shop that sold unusual kids toys. In the window was a display for Teifoc. Teifoc is like posh Lego, real mini bricks and a special mortar to stick them together. This sets like real concrete until you want to play again and you dissolve the mortar in water. As you probably already know James has a little one who is 6 and i knew he would love this (and i wanted to play) but they are pretty expensive. I got lucky and found one on eBay for a third of the price, yay! You can however buy it here.

The set has been used once but i found more of the mortar for about a fiver when we need more. The set comes with bricks, roof tiles, windows, doors, a mat to build on, and the mortar. I seriously can not wait for Ben to play with this, it is super cool (in my opinion anyway!)

I will take some pictures of our creations in the near future. If we like it then we will buy more of the little sets to add to our brick collection.

My other eBay buys are slightly more girlie and things you are probably interested in hehe. If anybody has some cool ebay sellers to buy from let me know!



Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Secret Blogger swap...

.... is all packed up and ready to be posted! Hope she likes it :) x

Friday, 18 May 2012

New things

Whilst in Blackpool i was bullied by my mother and boyfriend to buy some new clothes. Bearing in mind when i met James he wore 38" waist jeans (he is a 32") and t shirts with skulls on i would not think he would be the one to give me fashion advice. My mum on the other hand is one trendy lady, she has an amazing figure and a great clothes collection. My mum and James get on very well and together they teamed up and took me shopping and made me buy some new togs.
I am not fashionable, not even a teeny tiny bit. My best friend is a fashion designer and most of my friends are more than capable of sporting the newest trends and looking fab. I personally have very little interest in clothes. I am a dress and leggings girl and rarely buy new clothes. I just much prefer to buy make up (not that i even bother with that every day!). That gives me a thrill, my make up bag is my pride and joy - my wardrobe and shoe collection is not. I however agreed as i did need a new black cardigan and something smart to wear for possible interviews. As i am on a budget we hit a local retail outlet to grab some bargains so there is not much variety in the shops we bought from - gotta love a sale though!

This is what they I chose.

My (shared) Wardrobe

Next dress £10 Cardigan £8

M&S outlet £20

Next  outlet Cardigan £10 M&S dress £10

Next £35

Marks And Spencer Outlet £5

James choice of earings - New look £2, Next £6, New look £2

Not really things i would have chosen but i actually do like them and i love love the scarf, such a stunning colour. I am currently on the look out for a dress for a wedding and had no luck yet - can anybody recommend a good 'occasion' dress shop?


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Family

A year ago i lost somebody very very special, my Dad. It has been a very hard week but i was able to go home and see my family and friends whom i love dearly. I would like to share some family photos which make me smile.

My sister and Ollie Bump
My Nephew Ollie Bug

Mother Bear

My Dad

So much has changed in a year, i am now an auntie to the most perfect little boy, finished  university, moved away, bought a house, grown a lot, cried a lot but also laughed a lot. What has not changed is how much i care for my family and always will. Sleep Tight Dad, I love you forever and always, Kez xxx

Secret Blogger swap

I love getting post and i love getting surprise parcels even more.I have been a dedicated swapper of mystery boxes for around 6 months now and i have loved each and every one. I stumbled accorss something very interesting a few weeks back and i have just received an email with all the information.

I am taking part in the Secret Blogger swap organised by Danielle at Famed Frosting and i am super excited. I have been sent the details of a lovely girl across the pond who i am unable to contact (the rules) but must use her blog to work out her likes and send her gifts to the value of $30. The deadline is a week today to post it off so i will be getting my thinking cap on and hopefully choosing some gifts for my partner that she will love. I am very excited about this as it is a chance to meet new people and discover new blogs . I think today i am going to crack open my craft box and start making some bits as i also have an engagement card to make for my beautiful friends Bec and Gav. Has anybody else joined in with this swap and any tips for British things i could add?

Lots of love ladies!

P.s my 50 follower give-away will be coming up very soon, i have not forgotten about you all just been very busy :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Birthday swap

Last month i joined a birthday swap which was organised on the Beauty Box Swappers facebook group. I have mentioned them before, you can get amazing products you want for things you don't want. One girls trash is another girls treasure and all of that jazz. However this one was different, i paired up with two ladies and have received both of my lovely boxes from Stacey and Danielle. I will have to hunt together everything from stacey as i did not have my camera when it arrived but it was lucious filled with treats and goodies that i adored. I promise to upload pictures from that one too this week. My second box arived today from Danielle and i had my camera to hand so i got snapping.
Massive haul wrapped beautifully
So this swap was arranged and we agreed on a £10 budget -You will see how naughty my birthday swappette was and blew the budget and then some!

I am blown away with the sheer amount of thought that went into this box. There is not one thing that i dislike and the thoughtful extras and the accompanying notes made me so happy. My fave items were the real techniques brush (swoon) and the Chanel lippy and nail varnish (stunning colour) My mum was here when i opened this and she loved the idea, so we went shopping for more things for Danielle's box - i hope she likes it! Thank you so so much darling, you are amazing - so strange to be strangers and send each other gifts. This was seriously my best birthday present this year :D

Have you done any mystery swaps? 


Random chatter

I don't know where this blog post will take me today because i have no idea what I'm going to tell you about - i just felt like blogging so forgive me if this is super boring. 
So for the last 4 days i have been waiting impatiently for a phone call to find out if i have got a job i applied for last week. I got to the second round of interviews so it is all in their hands now, hopefully they think I'm the best candidate. I do not want to miss their call so i have stayed in each day and waited until 5.30 before i dare venture out for the past 3 days, not even nipping to the shop... the job would be perfect for me and i have every finger and toe crossed, will keep you updated!

As i have been housebound i have been rather bored so have spent the week playing with my make up and attempting to master gel eye-liner (I'm not there yet) and then heading off to my current job at 7 o'clock. Needless to say i have had lots of spare time so my house should be spotless, its not so that's my POA today. 

 Last night me and James went on a date night bowling and to Pizza Hut (gotta love the free salad bowl) which was fabulous. We have become quite the regulars at bowling because its so cheap on a Wednesday, £2 a game! I tried the sample of Liz Earle sheer skin tint in Bare 01 from the most recent LIB box and i quite liked it. It has a very dewy finish and lasted quite well, but still not a contender for my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua which i love. At £21 i will save my pennies for a new Chanel.

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint 01 Bare
I received a mammoth swap from my BBS friend Danielle which i will do a blog post on shortly as it was amazing, seriously got so spoilt. She sent me mounds of things and i loved every single item. I painted my nails today with Max Factor Intense Plum and the Seche Vite top coat which she sent me- lovely!

So that is all for now - I'm not very exciting and i had nothing much to tell you but i was just in the mood to write something. I hope you have all had a fantastic week and i promise my next post will be much more thought through and interesting ;)

Lots of Love,
Kerri xx