Friday, 18 May 2012

New things

Whilst in Blackpool i was bullied by my mother and boyfriend to buy some new clothes. Bearing in mind when i met James he wore 38" waist jeans (he is a 32") and t shirts with skulls on i would not think he would be the one to give me fashion advice. My mum on the other hand is one trendy lady, she has an amazing figure and a great clothes collection. My mum and James get on very well and together they teamed up and took me shopping and made me buy some new togs.
I am not fashionable, not even a teeny tiny bit. My best friend is a fashion designer and most of my friends are more than capable of sporting the newest trends and looking fab. I personally have very little interest in clothes. I am a dress and leggings girl and rarely buy new clothes. I just much prefer to buy make up (not that i even bother with that every day!). That gives me a thrill, my make up bag is my pride and joy - my wardrobe and shoe collection is not. I however agreed as i did need a new black cardigan and something smart to wear for possible interviews. As i am on a budget we hit a local retail outlet to grab some bargains so there is not much variety in the shops we bought from - gotta love a sale though!

This is what they I chose.

My (shared) Wardrobe

Next dress £10 Cardigan £8

M&S outlet £20

Next  outlet Cardigan £10 M&S dress £10

Next £35

Marks And Spencer Outlet £5

James choice of earings - New look £2, Next £6, New look £2

Not really things i would have chosen but i actually do like them and i love love the scarf, such a stunning colour. I am currently on the look out for a dress for a wedding and had no luck yet - can anybody recommend a good 'occasion' dress shop?



  1. Oh my god kerry I cannot even start to understand how someone could not love love love clothes shopping. It is my fave thing ever. I even enjoy window shopping! Next time your in blackpool we should meet up and go shopping and swatching! :]xxxxx

    1. haha thats what my mum says! Make up swatching is a different story x


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