Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Queens Jubilee

I am super excited for the upcoming weekend - i have visitors! My mum, Auntie and Cousin are coming to stay and we have lots of cool things planned. I live 3 hours away from my mum so when she comes to stay i get very happy - bonus with My Auntie and Cousin coming too! They will arrive later on Saturday night (im working, boo!) but on sunday we are going to get up super early and visit Hemswell Market. This has a HUGE carboot and lots of antique centres that mother bear wil love to explore. Hemswell is pretty close to Lincoln so if we have time we are popping there too. Lincoln is such a beautiful city and the architecture is fabulous. They also have lots of lovely shops that we will be sure to check out.
 For the Queens Jubilee we are going to my local town to join in with the local festivities, the centre is being decorated as we speak and looks very kitsch. There is a picnic in the street at 11pm with a live band, market stalls, a  parade, dancing, best dressed, window displays and ice cold cider. I bought two vintage picnic blankets from Oxfam and will fill my wicker basket with yummy things for us. I love the old school community spirit around here, they really go all out. In the summer all the villages have fairs, James Granddad even 'shows' his tractor collection (super cute) which i absolutely love. So different to what i have grown up with in Blackpool. I really love our heritage and am proud to be British so I cant wait to celebrate with a cup of tea and a scone (pronounced 'SCON' not 'SCONE')

Market Place - location of our Jubilee Picnic

So today i think i am going to put some bunting up outside and get excited for the weekend to come.

What are your Jubilee plans?


  1. Aw what lovely plans! My friends and I are thinking of having a tea party for the Jubilee, with cider too of course. I hope you enjoy your long weekend!

    1. I am pretty excited :D That's the best bit, tea and cakes. Calories do not stick on Christmas, birthdays, holidays or on the queens jubilee... bring on the Victoria sponge. xxx

  2. Sound like amazing plans! The carboot sounds coolx

    1. You will have to come and stay Danielle, holiday for cheapos! There are literally trillions of car boots round here xx


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