Thursday, 29 March 2012

Revlon lip butters - Review

I have officially jumped on the Revlon lip butters bandwagon. I have been excited for months to get these and i really really wanted to love them! I have been visiting my local boots for weeks now trying to get hold of these but being a small branch they have taken longer to get them. There were five shades in stock and they were all very limited. I actually asked the manager when they came in and she insisted they have been there for 6 months as they have not had a new stand recently, hmm i know more than she does apparently. I got these on the 3 for 2 offer and they were priced at £7.99 each making all three just short of £16.
The colours i have are Strawberry shortcake, Peach Parfait and sweet tart.

Camera refused to focus - sorry!
The colour selection was not the greatest for me, i love a pink lip but i did not think these colours were anything too special and i have many similar products in my collection. I spent ages swatching the colours and choosing the most wearable shades for me.

Sweet Tart - Peach Parfait - Strawberry Shortcake
The product
Sweet Tart is a lovely and pigmented bright pink which has a nice shine to it. It is very easy too apply and feels great on my lips.  Peach Parfait has a slight colour on my lips but is definitely more on the nude side which is complemented with a gold glitter. The glitter feels quite gritty on my lips which i don't really like but the colour is pretty. Strawberry shortcake gives a nice pink glow to the lips without being too bright, this one i would get away with wearing to work.

My final thoughts
I'm going to make a very controversial statement here, i have no idea what all the fuss has been about. I think they are ok nice, they apply well and are soft and moisturising. I like them but i do not love them like i thought i would.  They simply do not justify the £7.99rrp price, this is so expensive for a drug store lip balm. No way would i have bought these without all of the hype, but due to the amount of fantastic reviews i thought something amazing was going to happen once i wore them on my lips as the initial swatching did not excite me. 
To put it bluntly they are nothing special. I heave read reviews from America where i have seen peopleinding these at $4, roughly £2.50. At this price i would buy the whole collection, they will be great to have in my handbag for on the go, but at nearly eight pounds there is no way i will buy more, i will stick to my pink Vaseline (£1.99) thank you. 

What do you think?



Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A little update

I have been away for a while now because i have been tres busy. I have just started a new job at a local hotel resort and have been getting settled. I am really enjoying meeting new people as i live three hours away from my family and friends so its pretty exciting. I love all the people i work with but the job is not ideally what i want to do. I have a degree in Events Management and that is what i want to do, the hotel has an events department so i am hanging on and hoping i get the chance to have a go in that department, fingers crossed!


Loreal Nude Magique review

The sun has been shining and my magnolia tree has bloomed, how beautiful is my tree?!

So this week i received three little packages through the post (no idea where they came from) each with a sample of and Lumi Magique and a 'sneak peek' of the new BB cream Nude Magique. 

Loreal Says, 
Lumi Magique is a light infusing foundation that looks luminous on the skin and feels light to the touch. Stays for 12 hours. 

Kerri Says,
Firstly this sample is far too dark for me (sent in medium) to give a true review, i applied it to my face and looked like i was an extra from Towie. The formula is very light but i do not think that it gives a great coverage, my inperfections usually covered by my foundations were still visible and i found it a little hard to blend. I also do not think it is very luminous. This just my opinion you can always try it for yourself, i am personally not a fan.

I was also sent samples of the new BB cream Nude Magique. When i first opened the sachet i was so confused - the product is white?

Colour when first applied

After a little blending it turns colour before your very eyes...

A little blending
Wowzers, magic!


I was so surprised by this, it blends in great, feels light weight on my skin and is the ideal tanned colour, a teeny bit too dark at the moment but if this nice weather continues this may change. The formula is very runny which is maybe a little hard to work with as it settles into the skin really quickly so I found it best to apply with my fingers. 
This would be great on holiday or in the summer when you do not want to put on a full face, but need a little coverage. I think i may just invest when this comes out. 

Have you tried these yet? 


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hen weekend in Leeds

Hello Ladies

At the weekend i went to Leeds for James sisters hen/birthday weekend and i thought i would share with you all. 
We stayed in the Leeds Travel Lodge, which was grimy to say the last but there were beds, showers and a bar open until 4am - for £20 you cant complain.

I organised a scavenger hunt for everyone, i made little cards and each one had a clue to somewhere and a task to fulfil. The girls had to follow these clues, riddles and challenges which led them around Leeds city centre and do silly tasks. 
These included buying sweetcorn from Leeds Market, going to the Corn Exchange, Leeds Town Hall, buying tights, cupcakes, red lipstick, wearing masks, getting photos taken in certain poses and visiting harvey nicks and trying on some very expensive clothing and getting photographic proof (we nearly got chucked out).

At Leeds Market - photo taken by a policeman!
Wearing our lovely masks 
We went to Tiger Tiger for a yummy meal, i had Thai Green Curry which was seriously lush.

We then went for a session of karaoke at a Chinese/bar/karaoke place. 
The venue was bizarre, the decor looked more like a room from a brothel than a kareoke booth - there were lots of Chinese songs and the words were badly translated, but this made it even more fun, drinks were super cheap. We had all the obvious hen party tack which i had bought for everyone so we spent the night drinking cheap and nasty vodka cocktails out of penis straws, as you do.  I would recommend visiting OK karaoke rather than this place to you all if you fancy a classier experience hehe.
 We then went to Revolution on call lane and got cocktails which was packed and we all fancied a dance, so off we went to the gay bar Queens court, this was fabulous we got the chance to have a boogie with lots of young gay dancers (they have some serious energy!). I used to visit here quite often in my uni days, i am your typical fag hag, i have far too many crazy gay friends.

We were exhausted after the days scavenger hunt antics and sore feet cut our night out short - sorry for that ladies! 

We had a fabulous time though and it was so nice to have a girlie weekend, i have not had one in so long. I spent the day on Sunday gardening and raking leaves - not very glamorous. 

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


Friday, 9 March 2012

Sleepover update

Gallons of wiine + us three =

Enough said. 


Girlie Weekend :D

Today has mostly been about getting my washing done (i can now see the basket - not quite the bottom of it yet though hehe) tidying up, making beds and other boring stuff. This is because i am preparing to have a proper girlie weekend, whoop!

Tonight my friend Millie and her mum Fiona are coming to my house to have a proper girlie sleepover with chocolate, wine and pampering and filthy jokes. They are both bringing me round outfits to try on that i can borrow for the rest of the weekends antics because i am too poor to buy new things. Millie is going out with my boyfriends best friend so the boys are going to her house (sorry about that Mills) and I get the ladies.

Tomorrow i am going on James sisters Hen do/birthday weekend in Leeds. We have a treasure hunt (which i have organised, a tad nervous) shopping, dinner, karaoke, cocktails and a night out planned and staying over in a hotel. 

This is just what the doctor ordered, i have been rather lonely recently, i have moved 3 hours away from my family and friends and have yet to meet many people, i sooo miss being around my girlfriends and just having a right old giggle. 

Will ensure i get lots of pictures and update you with what we got up to,an edited version maybe ;)

What are your plans for the weekend?


Thursday, 8 March 2012

My pound shop make up haul

Hello Chickens,
Today i had an hour to kill before work so i popped into town and had a gander in the new pound shop. I found a whole wall dedicated to beauty, the majority of it was rubbish however there were some interesting products. Firstly i discovered that pound land stocks cat shaped vajazzles, these seem popular as half of the stand was empty, wow! After that shock i had had a gander at the make up items and was rather impressed with the selection. I only picked up a few bits because i had spent up buying baby bits for my nephew.

My £3.00 Haul

Firstly i picked up a Sally Hansen nail varnish in Hollywood Scarlet. I always read and watch blogs and Youtube videos about these but i have only ever found the treatments such as the nail hardeners.

Sally Hansen Salon nail lacquer in 350 Hollywood Scarlet
Sorry about the terrible picture quality, its dark and i have been struggling to get my camera to focus. The bottle is really nice, something i would be happy to display on my dressing table. The lid is rubberised with grips which i think is a good touch as i have on a few occasions dropped a nail varnish lid and its gone on my carpet, eeps. The brush is small which is a bit annoying as its harder to apply neatly as it does not really fan out but the consistency is fabulous and two coats looks perfect. There were loads of other pastel colours, i know these are bang on trend right now but they look rubbish with my super pale skin and stumpy little nails - all in all really worth a quid if your passing!

Secondly i picked up a Maybelline cool effect blush duo.
Maybelline Cool Effect Blush in 01 Pretty cool pink and 06 Chillin' Chocolate
These were in a pack together so i could not test the colours in the shop. I have never seen these before so i thought it was worth a try for 50p each. After swatching these it was pretty obvious these are not suitable for  the same skin tone so a pretty rubbish duo, however i really quite like the pink toned one.

Left: Chillin Chocolate Right: Pretty cool pink
These are applied by a brush, similar to a nail varnish. Chillin Chocolate is way too dark for my skin and i will not be using this, however Pretty Cool Pink is quite flattering to my skin tone and works in the same way as Benefit High Beam and is rather similar in colour too! The consistency to these are rather runny and i would not use the brush to apply it on my face and would use my finger instead. As i have said on a previous post i have my main make up bag which lives on the dresser but i plonk other products in my bag for touch ups for during the day, for which this is perfect. If you are strapped for pennies i would suggest this as a very cheap Benefit high beam dupe. I found these online for around $6 each.

and finally i picked up this lipstick by Rimmel in Alarm, a very bright red.
Rimmel 170 Alarm
I recently lost my only bright red lipstick so was very happy to see this. Again this came in a packet so could not see the colour in store but the sticker on the bottom is pretty true to colour. This lipstick is very bright, i applied it using the stick and it looked terrible for a photo, need to use a lip brush with this one because mistakes are super obvious! I did a quick search online and found that this exact lipstick is stocked now in Lloyds pharmacy for £4.99 so this is a pretty good bargain.

I will be going again very soon because there were a few other things i fancied trying, including nail art pens, eye liners, lip glosses and some bargain face and hair masks (10 for a £1!). For a quid i think its worth a risk and the majority of the brands were from well known drug store brands.

Have you found any beauty bargains in discount stores, i would love you to share your finds :)


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My staple make up bag

Hello Ladies,
I thought i would share with you my go to make up items that i use every day. I am a sucker for buying lots of new lines but tend to keep returning to these products.
I am not really loyal to any brands and am willing to give anything a try as proved by my absolute stash of make up products. I did keep everything in bags but that got messy so i turned to the huge pink and spotty Soap and Glory box from the Christmas collection 2(?) years ago which is over flowing. I really need to come up with better storage but after moving house in December I have just not got round to it yet.
Just this week me and my boyfriend have been allocated our own rooms. My room is pink, has a pretty dressing table and pretty bedding and lots of pretty pillows. James room is the guest room, he chose to paint a blue feature wall and it now houses his brand new computer and boy things that were not welcome in my lovely room. We sleep in "my room" but otherwise he has to take his mess elsewhere ha ha! I like this arrangement a lot.
Sorry for that ramble back to make up...I have two make up bags on the go at all times. My first one has a good selection of products that i chop and change with and that lives on my dressing table, the other is called my handbag. When i find a product that works it usually lives in my main make up bag and then i have random spares and repairs items for when i am on the go that live among the other random items in my bag. I have a trillion little make up bags that would be perfect to pop in my bag with a bunch of carefully chosen products but that is just far to organised for me.

So these are the items i reach for most days

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B10 Beige Pastel and Mac Studio Fix in NC15
Generally i have quite good skin so i prefer a light coverage foundation. I fell in love with this Chanel foundation instantly, It literally feels like it melts onto the skin and provides a natural coverage and a dewy finish. I have now had three bottles of this foundation and i adore it. The second foundation of choice is the Mac Studio fix foundation which is used on 'lady days' when my skin goes crazy and spotty. I also use this foundation if i am going out on an evening as it provides a medium coverage and makes me feel a little more polished.

Clinique almost powder make up in 03 light and L'oreal True match powder in N4 Beige

I am very very pale, some would say English rose, i would say ghostly. I have problems with powder because they tend to look very orange on my skin, even in the lightest shades. I have an oily T zone so powder is important for touch ups and setting my foundation. These are my current faves however powder is  my most changed make up item.

Mac Semi precious Rose Quartz mineralise skin finish

I again use various blushers ever day depending on my mood but i always apply a little of this Mac Skin finish to my cheeks. I got this last summer at Manchester Airport and after daily use still has loads left. Really worth the pennies in my opinion.

L'Oreal Paris Glam Bronze in Blondes

I have only recently got this bronzer from a swap with Gina and i really like it. As i said i am super pale so bronzer does not really suit me. This one is really subtle and gives me a really nice healthy colour. This has quickly replaced my usual bronzer from Mac.

I love the L'oreal Telescopic mascaras, i have bought these time and time again. I love trying new mascaras and i am lucky to have pretty good natural lashes so i do not find problems with many mascaras, but this one is so quick to apply and builds up brilliantly.  Highly recommended!

Revlon Shiny Sheers in Dewy Blossom
I constantly change my lipsticks and lip glosses but i always go for pinky shades for the day and deep pink or red for the evenings. This lipstick is more of a gloss but has an excellent colour pay off. I have been using this in the mornings when i do my make up then choose one of my many lipsticks that float around my handbag for the rest of the day.

I use this pallet daily however i only tend to use a few of the shades. I have found that as i have got older (I am only 22 guys!) i now do not suit the dark greys and blacks that i used to favour. I now like a good old neutral eye and darken it up a little at night. The colours i mainly use are Virgin, Sin, Naked, Smog, Toasted and Hustle. The rest are basically untouched, eep.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre
This in my opinion is the yummiest perfume ever. My mum bought me this a few years ago for my birthday and i fell in love. I am terrible with perfumes, i never buy them for myself. My mum usually buys me a bottle of this for my birthday and when she goes on holiday from duty free. I would happily only wear this one for ever. That being said i do have a selection of other perfumes that i have now started using as i am running seriously low now but i am hopefully going to get another bottle soon (my birthday is in April) *Hint hint  mother bear*

I hope you enjoyed having a nosey through my make up bag, if you would like a review on any of these products then let me know.

I love being nosey so please comment and me know your go to products :)


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rainy Day trip to the garden centre

Hello Chickens,
James finally put up my washing line and i planned to get all my washing done today - but the rain put a stop to that. So we decided to go out for dinner at the local garden centre (Sunday Carvery £5.99 Yummy!). The garden centre is massive and sells all sorts of things. James get very impatient shopping but he surprised me by getting rather excited about a stand in there, more about that later.

The food was yummy and the garden centre was packed on the way out we both were drawn to two stands. I saw a craft isle - why have i never seen this before? Then on the card stock i was presented with a challenge, "As much as you can fill for £2.99" on a plastic wallet. I obviously took to the challenge and squeezed as much card into the wallet as possible, James got rather mad waiting around. I also got some A6 card blanks (£2.99), some glue dots (99p) and a glue stick (99p).

Walking out James stopped at the candle stand. I adore candles and have rather a large collection. A few weeks ago James bought himself a candle and has burnt it every night as soon as he got in from work. He was rather upset and said "Why does this not smell good like your ones?" That's because dear, it cost £1.99. I then spent 20 minutes waiting for him to smell all the candles (I did not as i had spent up for the day and would just depress myself)  and he eventually appeared with this beauty;

I had seen these candles before and have really wanted to try them. He chose the Apple wood scent. These candles are cool because they have a wood wick - hence the name - which makes a crackling sound when it burns, plus they smell divine! This cost £18.99 for a large jar which lasts 180 burn hours. This made me happy. You can find these candles here:

On the way out we bought a cupcake there were millions of flavours but i decided on the Mint choc chip.  It was very nice but unbelievably sickly so i only managed half of it (don't be fooled it was massive!)

The rest of the day will include putting curtain rails up, trying to get through my washing and doing some painting and hanging a door. When did my life become so... grown up?

I will be posting some beauty reviews over the next few days so stay tuned :)


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I am very honored to be awarded this by the lovely Claire, i am very new to this so this is very exciting! Thank you so much sugar x

If you receive this award there are certain rules you have to follow which are:

  • Thank the person who sends you the award and add a link to their blog in your post
  • Write 7 random things about yourself
  • Give the award to 15 other bloggers you love and tell them about it!
  • Post the Versatile Blogger Award Picture to your blog!

7 Random Things About Myself1. I have a new recent addiction to ice lollies
2. I have just painted my bedroom pink which my boyfriend hates
3. I have not had my hair cut in 6 months (my ends are vile)
4. My Nan is my Favorite person ever
5. I go OTT with bleach, specifically Domestos because i love the smell
6. I always smudge my nails because i hate sitting still for too long
7. I love Christmas scented candles and bought in bulk so i can have them burning all year

OK, i have not been doing this long and i don't want to award 15 people for the sake of it. So here are the ones i love and have been reading most recently <3
1. A blog from Blackpool
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3. Bouzy
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