Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Loreal Nude Magique review

The sun has been shining and my magnolia tree has bloomed, how beautiful is my tree?!

So this week i received three little packages through the post (no idea where they came from) each with a sample of and Lumi Magique and a 'sneak peek' of the new BB cream Nude Magique. 

Loreal Says, 
Lumi Magique is a light infusing foundation that looks luminous on the skin and feels light to the touch. Stays for 12 hours. 

Kerri Says,
Firstly this sample is far too dark for me (sent in medium) to give a true review, i applied it to my face and looked like i was an extra from Towie. The formula is very light but i do not think that it gives a great coverage, my inperfections usually covered by my foundations were still visible and i found it a little hard to blend. I also do not think it is very luminous. This just my opinion you can always try it for yourself, i am personally not a fan.

I was also sent samples of the new BB cream Nude Magique. When i first opened the sachet i was so confused - the product is white?

Colour when first applied

After a little blending it turns colour before your very eyes...

A little blending
Wowzers, magic!


I was so surprised by this, it blends in great, feels light weight on my skin and is the ideal tanned colour, a teeny bit too dark at the moment but if this nice weather continues this may change. The formula is very runny which is maybe a little hard to work with as it settles into the skin really quickly so I found it best to apply with my fingers. 
This would be great on holiday or in the summer when you do not want to put on a full face, but need a little coverage. I think i may just invest when this comes out. 

Have you tried these yet? 


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