Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rainy Day trip to the garden centre

Hello Chickens,
James finally put up my washing line and i planned to get all my washing done today - but the rain put a stop to that. So we decided to go out for dinner at the local garden centre (Sunday Carvery £5.99 Yummy!). The garden centre is massive and sells all sorts of things. James get very impatient shopping but he surprised me by getting rather excited about a stand in there, more about that later.

The food was yummy and the garden centre was packed on the way out we both were drawn to two stands. I saw a craft isle - why have i never seen this before? Then on the card stock i was presented with a challenge, "As much as you can fill for £2.99" on a plastic wallet. I obviously took to the challenge and squeezed as much card into the wallet as possible, James got rather mad waiting around. I also got some A6 card blanks (£2.99), some glue dots (99p) and a glue stick (99p).

Walking out James stopped at the candle stand. I adore candles and have rather a large collection. A few weeks ago James bought himself a candle and has burnt it every night as soon as he got in from work. He was rather upset and said "Why does this not smell good like your ones?" That's because dear, it cost £1.99. I then spent 20 minutes waiting for him to smell all the candles (I did not as i had spent up for the day and would just depress myself)  and he eventually appeared with this beauty;

I had seen these candles before and have really wanted to try them. He chose the Apple wood scent. These candles are cool because they have a wood wick - hence the name - which makes a crackling sound when it burns, plus they smell divine! This cost £18.99 for a large jar which lasts 180 burn hours. This made me happy. You can find these candles here:

On the way out we bought a cupcake there were millions of flavours but i decided on the Mint choc chip.  It was very nice but unbelievably sickly so i only managed half of it (don't be fooled it was massive!)

The rest of the day will include putting curtain rails up, trying to get through my washing and doing some painting and hanging a door. When did my life become so... grown up?

I will be posting some beauty reviews over the next few days so stay tuned :)



  1. Ohh cupcake looks yummy! Sounds like a fun day. I've never heard of those candles before, I'm a huge fan of Yankee Candles though. I've been on the search for some new statement wallpaper for my living room lol... Seen a few nice ones in Laura Ashley. Btw I'm in love with the nail polish I won, thank you :)


  2. The candle smells AMAZING! I have it lit now. Its very strange though it crackles when it burns like a fire, some people might not like that - I just out my gas fire on and pretended its real on like my Mother Bears! I have 4 large Yankee candle jars and a zillion other brands. I love the Yankee candles I have but I think some of them smell strange and plastic so have not gone crazy with them. Buying wallpaper is a nightmare, we looked at the Laura Ashley ones but could not agree on any, I like girlie James does not! Glad you like the nail varnish poppet xx

  3. Aw bless your boyfriend and his £1.99 candle!
    Love your blog, following you now =) xx

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