Thursday, 8 March 2012

My pound shop make up haul

Hello Chickens,
Today i had an hour to kill before work so i popped into town and had a gander in the new pound shop. I found a whole wall dedicated to beauty, the majority of it was rubbish however there were some interesting products. Firstly i discovered that pound land stocks cat shaped vajazzles, these seem popular as half of the stand was empty, wow! After that shock i had had a gander at the make up items and was rather impressed with the selection. I only picked up a few bits because i had spent up buying baby bits for my nephew.

My £3.00 Haul

Firstly i picked up a Sally Hansen nail varnish in Hollywood Scarlet. I always read and watch blogs and Youtube videos about these but i have only ever found the treatments such as the nail hardeners.

Sally Hansen Salon nail lacquer in 350 Hollywood Scarlet
Sorry about the terrible picture quality, its dark and i have been struggling to get my camera to focus. The bottle is really nice, something i would be happy to display on my dressing table. The lid is rubberised with grips which i think is a good touch as i have on a few occasions dropped a nail varnish lid and its gone on my carpet, eeps. The brush is small which is a bit annoying as its harder to apply neatly as it does not really fan out but the consistency is fabulous and two coats looks perfect. There were loads of other pastel colours, i know these are bang on trend right now but they look rubbish with my super pale skin and stumpy little nails - all in all really worth a quid if your passing!

Secondly i picked up a Maybelline cool effect blush duo.
Maybelline Cool Effect Blush in 01 Pretty cool pink and 06 Chillin' Chocolate
These were in a pack together so i could not test the colours in the shop. I have never seen these before so i thought it was worth a try for 50p each. After swatching these it was pretty obvious these are not suitable for  the same skin tone so a pretty rubbish duo, however i really quite like the pink toned one.

Left: Chillin Chocolate Right: Pretty cool pink
These are applied by a brush, similar to a nail varnish. Chillin Chocolate is way too dark for my skin and i will not be using this, however Pretty Cool Pink is quite flattering to my skin tone and works in the same way as Benefit High Beam and is rather similar in colour too! The consistency to these are rather runny and i would not use the brush to apply it on my face and would use my finger instead. As i have said on a previous post i have my main make up bag which lives on the dresser but i plonk other products in my bag for touch ups for during the day, for which this is perfect. If you are strapped for pennies i would suggest this as a very cheap Benefit high beam dupe. I found these online for around $6 each.

and finally i picked up this lipstick by Rimmel in Alarm, a very bright red.
Rimmel 170 Alarm
I recently lost my only bright red lipstick so was very happy to see this. Again this came in a packet so could not see the colour in store but the sticker on the bottom is pretty true to colour. This lipstick is very bright, i applied it using the stick and it looked terrible for a photo, need to use a lip brush with this one because mistakes are super obvious! I did a quick search online and found that this exact lipstick is stocked now in Lloyds pharmacy for £4.99 so this is a pretty good bargain.

I will be going again very soon because there were a few other things i fancied trying, including nail art pens, eye liners, lip glosses and some bargain face and hair masks (10 for a £1!). For a quid i think its worth a risk and the majority of the brands were from well known drug store brands.

Have you found any beauty bargains in discount stores, i would love you to share your finds :)



  1. ohhhh I like the look of the cool blush things :] Poundland is amazing i've got quite a few good things from there before x

    1. I liked it until it leaked on my bed, my lovely bedding now had a brown stain on it from the Chocolate coloured one, gutted xx

  2. I love ridiculous beauty bargains like this! I will buy pretty much 10 of anything for £1!

    1. Me too! I am a total sucker for a bargain. When i was young me and my best friend used to get our pocket money, i would blow every penny on our weekly trip shopping, all in the pound shop. I was soo jealous when she bought big things (She was the first person i knew to get a Nokia 3310) but i just could not stop myself. My poor Nan used to get pound shop ornaments every week and felt bad about not displaying them hehe. Not much has changed, i still blow all my 'spends' on BARGAIN junk xxx

  3. Poundland make up is great! I recently got 5 sally hansen complete salon manicure nail varnishes, 2 rimmel eye shadows and a revlon blusher. :)

  4. I found a few sally hansen nail polishes and lots of wet and wild stuff. Its great of your not afraid to rummage


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