Thursday, 29 March 2012

Revlon lip butters - Review

I have officially jumped on the Revlon lip butters bandwagon. I have been excited for months to get these and i really really wanted to love them! I have been visiting my local boots for weeks now trying to get hold of these but being a small branch they have taken longer to get them. There were five shades in stock and they were all very limited. I actually asked the manager when they came in and she insisted they have been there for 6 months as they have not had a new stand recently, hmm i know more than she does apparently. I got these on the 3 for 2 offer and they were priced at £7.99 each making all three just short of £16.
The colours i have are Strawberry shortcake, Peach Parfait and sweet tart.

Camera refused to focus - sorry!
The colour selection was not the greatest for me, i love a pink lip but i did not think these colours were anything too special and i have many similar products in my collection. I spent ages swatching the colours and choosing the most wearable shades for me.

Sweet Tart - Peach Parfait - Strawberry Shortcake
The product
Sweet Tart is a lovely and pigmented bright pink which has a nice shine to it. It is very easy too apply and feels great on my lips.  Peach Parfait has a slight colour on my lips but is definitely more on the nude side which is complemented with a gold glitter. The glitter feels quite gritty on my lips which i don't really like but the colour is pretty. Strawberry shortcake gives a nice pink glow to the lips without being too bright, this one i would get away with wearing to work.

My final thoughts
I'm going to make a very controversial statement here, i have no idea what all the fuss has been about. I think they are ok nice, they apply well and are soft and moisturising. I like them but i do not love them like i thought i would.  They simply do not justify the £7.99rrp price, this is so expensive for a drug store lip balm. No way would i have bought these without all of the hype, but due to the amount of fantastic reviews i thought something amazing was going to happen once i wore them on my lips as the initial swatching did not excite me. 
To put it bluntly they are nothing special. I heave read reviews from America where i have seen peopleinding these at $4, roughly £2.50. At this price i would buy the whole collection, they will be great to have in my handbag for on the go, but at nearly eight pounds there is no way i will buy more, i will stick to my pink Vaseline (£1.99) thank you. 

What do you think?




  1. I have seen so many reviwes that make out they are amazing! personally for £8 I want a decent pigmentation! x

  2. Dont bother honestly, not worth £8 at all, they are nice dont get me wrong, just not £8 nice xx

  3. I have given into the hype too. I love them, shame they don't last longer on the lips though!

  4. I bought one and I agree with you! They're ok but nothing special. I bought strawberry shortcake and I think that was a bad move, I've swatched Berry Smoothie and that looked like a great colour but that was in Superdrug where they had no offers on them, and I can't justify £8 for one when they're on 3 for 2 in Boots! xx


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