Friday, 9 March 2012

Girlie Weekend :D

Today has mostly been about getting my washing done (i can now see the basket - not quite the bottom of it yet though hehe) tidying up, making beds and other boring stuff. This is because i am preparing to have a proper girlie weekend, whoop!

Tonight my friend Millie and her mum Fiona are coming to my house to have a proper girlie sleepover with chocolate, wine and pampering and filthy jokes. They are both bringing me round outfits to try on that i can borrow for the rest of the weekends antics because i am too poor to buy new things. Millie is going out with my boyfriends best friend so the boys are going to her house (sorry about that Mills) and I get the ladies.

Tomorrow i am going on James sisters Hen do/birthday weekend in Leeds. We have a treasure hunt (which i have organised, a tad nervous) shopping, dinner, karaoke, cocktails and a night out planned and staying over in a hotel. 

This is just what the doctor ordered, i have been rather lonely recently, i have moved 3 hours away from my family and friends and have yet to meet many people, i sooo miss being around my girlfriends and just having a right old giggle. 

Will ensure i get lots of pictures and update you with what we got up to,an edited version maybe ;)

What are your plans for the weekend?


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  1. Aww I look forward to the pictures :] I have a rather normal weekend in comparison to your antics! I'm going out for lunch with mum my OH and my grandma if she is well enough and on sunday I shall be working! x


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