Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Keeping my post lady busy today!

Hello again,
I'm very unsure on correct blog eticate but i am going to go crazy and do two posts in a day. I am doing so because i have received an absolute mound of parcels today and i am very excited by them all. If you go on my last post you will see what i got this morning off the lovely Gina, which was very exciting.
My next bits and bobs are a random assortment of things.

I have been with my boyfriend James for over four years now and he has a 5 year old Son, Ben. We see Ben at weekends and he stays over with us. When we bought our house his was the first room that we decorated and I still am finding cute little things to go in it.

This is before we moved in his toys!
The poor boy however did not have a door to his bedroom until last weekend when James finally got round to putting a new one in (Coincidently this weekend he cried when he went to bed because he was scared so we had to leave the door open haha), he was so excited with his new door we ordered him this:

I don't know if you are aware but small boys grow very very very fast - we had to go and buy him a whole new wardrobe last week because he had shot out of everything we had bought him at Christmas, he is only 5 and he now wears age 6-7 clothes. I saw this on little woods Ebay for 99p, Bargain.

I am organising a scavenger hunt for an activity for Katie's Hen weekend (Katie is James sister) and i am putting together goody bags. I have had a few things delivered today *warning willies*

Handmade willy soaps

I ordered these little bags to put a little hen charm in that i also got today

Mini sweet bags, much smaller than i expected but still cute. 
 I still have loads more bits ordered for the party bags but they have not come yet, the next lot are very willy themed and i will update when they arrive!

And Mother bear sent me some clothes for work as she saw some bargains in M&S because shopping round here is pants. She sent two pairs of trousers, two shirts and a pair of court shoes.

These are all the exciting things that came through my door this morning and i hope this was not too boring for you. I am STILL waiting for the carpet fitter to turn up :(

Much Love

P.s if you would like to receive one pink willy soap (i ordered a few too many) leave a comment below and I will send one out to a lucky lady ha ha x

Surprise Swap with Gina

Hello Chickens!

At 8am the doorbell rang and I peeled myself out of bed to meet the brave person who got me out of my warm comfy bed 20 minutes before I HAD to. I grumpily walked downstairs when i caught site of this door bell ringer-er in the window - she had packages and my mood suddenly changed for the better. I have ordered lots of things off eBay this week for prizes for a friends Hen do, but they would all be letterbox shaped. I was also expecting a bag with some clothes my mum got me from Marks and Sparks for work (My mother is not just any mother, she is a marks and Spencer mother) But this is not what got me very excited, this is...

Wow, my secret swap with Gina ( which was posted just yesterday, Yay! This was unbelievably well packed it took me at least 10 minutes to get into it. I come from a family who enjoy making presents impossible to get into and i took on this challenge without the use of sharp objects as per my families usual present rule. It took a while.

This is what i found

I was SO excited there is a bit of everything in here but i know Gina has gone way over what she should have! I spotted a scratch card, Gina was not to know this but I LOVE scratch cards. I unpacked the box like so,

L'Oreal Glam Bronze in blondes. This is perfect for me because it does not look dark, I have seriously pale skin and bronzer often looks really dark on me, cant wait to try this!
 Some lovely samples
Bourjois Paris Elastic Mascara

 Two pairs of eye lashes
 These beautiful earrings, i love the turquoise gems with the gold. These have gone straight in my ears today :)

And this amazing ring

A very cute card and lots of yummy sweets, Fruit salads are my fave so gobbled one up before i took this picture, whoops.

And the scratch card - no i did not win but it was very exciting all the same...

This is absolutely amazing Gina, thank you so so much! We organised this swap through the Facebook group, Beauty Box Swaps and set a £10 budget (which Gina clearly went way over the naughty imp).

That is all for now - i have carpets being delivered today and i have to tidy up very quickly, eep.

Lots of love

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

20 follower give away winner!!

Oh my gosh, I cant believe I have gained 20 followers so quickly! Thank you to each and every one of you - you have all enabled me to buy some more pretty things this weekend :D

As promised i am now going to do my give away using The numbers are to be given as to how they appear on my followers gadget.
And the winner is........


Yay I am so excited, i think you actually commented earlier about the eye shadow? Please contact me Claire with your deets and i will send this week for you.

I will be holding a larger give away at 50 followers so please tell your friends and stuffs. Again thank you all so much!

Lots of love

Today's Haul

I have been very naughty and purchased some new goodies that i probably should not have done.  I do have an excuse (kind of). Firstly i received £15 worth of L'Oreal vouchers as i bought my usual Telescopic Mascara which had no product in when i opened it! After sending it back they sent me vouchers in return through the post which were a little more than the mascara so i could not let them go to waste and purchased some other lovely things which then led to buying some other bits and bobs.

So here is what i got,

So due to the vouchers i got a few L'Oreal things as they also had 3 for 2 on.
L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara in Magnetic Black. I find that L'Oreal mascaras are great but have not tried this particular one out as i bought a stockpile of Lash architect 4D mascara a few months ago because they had an offer on. I am keen to try this as it has a plastic brush which is different to my usual mascara. I have used plastic brush ones before (i can not remember which brand) and hated it as it kind of flicked back and me and got mascara everywhere so keen to try this one out and see if it works well for me.

I then bought two nail varnishes from the Colour Riche collection in number 601, French Riviera and number 202, Marie Antoinette. I have never fried L'Oreal nail varnishes out so i am keep to give them ago. I have Terrible nails at the moment, they have all snapped off and turned flaky so i am hoping they grow again and i can have myself some beautiful talons (unlikely).

Next i got the Studio Secrets universal lip glow. I know i read about this somewhere and could not remember if it was good or bad so tried to Google it on my phone while in Boots - my internet on my Blackberry was so slow the shop assistant in boots came over to ask if i was OK so i just gave up and bought it.

So i went to the counter and purchased these goods which all came up to £10 after i cashed my vouchers in and used some boots points which was a bargain and they gave me a £5 voucher! I instantly went to No7 and got a nail varnish for £2 in the colour Betty Blues then i remembered i needed conditioner so went searching for some. On a pretty stand i found L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-gloss crystal shampoo and conditioner  which comes in a pink bottle and the shampoo is glittery so had to grab that too (i am a sucker for anything pink or glittery). I got another No7 voucher but put it in my purse this time because the guy in boots was looking at me like i was crackers by this point.

I then nipped to a cheap shop in my little town that sells the most random things ever, i got some nail varnish remover (essential) and some pads and at the till there were Rimmel Mono eye shadows for 39p in the colour Frivolity - So i grabbed two. I would not wear pink on my eyes but thought it might work as a blush highlight as it has a little bit of glitter in it.

After this i got myself home as quickly as possible because my purse was getting very light and i am rather poor at the moment. I start a new job next week so will soon have more pennies to buy more pretty things which excites me greatly - i am super fed up of buying things like paint and washing machines.

As this is a brand new blog i have decided that i am going to do a little give away once i reach 20 subscribers. I will be giving away one of the Rimmel eye shadows and a brand new No7 nail varnish in the colour of your choice, OoOo.

Will be posting back here soon with some reviews and stuffs so please subscribe :)

Lots of love,


Hello! I'm Kerri, aged 22 with a bit of a beauty buy addiction. Ever since i was little i have been fascinated with all things make up and beauty. I would much rather buy a lipstick than some shoes, thus meaning i have a pitiful wardrobe and a huge stash of make up. I have recently had to cut back on my spending as i have just bought a house with the boyfriend who told me i need to buy light fittings not lipsticks *insert sad face here*. I have been inspired to do this blog by my friend Danielle, (Sub to her shes FAB!) and by joining Beauty box swaps on Facebook where i have collected loads of goodies and met some really wonderful like-minded ladies. So here are my secret beauty buys, reviews and other random stuff that comes up. Please subscribe so i can have a valid excuse to buy more make up hehe x