Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Hello! I'm Kerri, aged 22 with a bit of a beauty buy addiction. Ever since i was little i have been fascinated with all things make up and beauty. I would much rather buy a lipstick than some shoes, thus meaning i have a pitiful wardrobe and a huge stash of make up. I have recently had to cut back on my spending as i have just bought a house with the boyfriend who told me i need to buy light fittings not lipsticks *insert sad face here*. I have been inspired to do this blog by my friend Danielle, http://www.ablogfromblackpool.com/ (Sub to her shes FAB!) and by joining Beauty box swaps on Facebook where i have collected loads of goodies and met some really wonderful like-minded ladies. So here are my secret beauty buys, reviews and other random stuff that comes up. Please subscribe so i can have a valid excuse to buy more make up hehe x

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