Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Surprise Swap with Gina

Hello Chickens!

At 8am the doorbell rang and I peeled myself out of bed to meet the brave person who got me out of my warm comfy bed 20 minutes before I HAD to. I grumpily walked downstairs when i caught site of this door bell ringer-er in the window - she had packages and my mood suddenly changed for the better. I have ordered lots of things off eBay this week for prizes for a friends Hen do, but they would all be letterbox shaped. I was also expecting a bag with some clothes my mum got me from Marks and Sparks for work (My mother is not just any mother, she is a marks and Spencer mother) But this is not what got me very excited, this is...

Wow, my secret swap with Gina ( which was posted just yesterday, Yay! This was unbelievably well packed it took me at least 10 minutes to get into it. I come from a family who enjoy making presents impossible to get into and i took on this challenge without the use of sharp objects as per my families usual present rule. It took a while.

This is what i found

I was SO excited there is a bit of everything in here but i know Gina has gone way over what she should have! I spotted a scratch card, Gina was not to know this but I LOVE scratch cards. I unpacked the box like so,

L'Oreal Glam Bronze in blondes. This is perfect for me because it does not look dark, I have seriously pale skin and bronzer often looks really dark on me, cant wait to try this!
 Some lovely samples
Bourjois Paris Elastic Mascara

 Two pairs of eye lashes
 These beautiful earrings, i love the turquoise gems with the gold. These have gone straight in my ears today :)

And this amazing ring

A very cute card and lots of yummy sweets, Fruit salads are my fave so gobbled one up before i took this picture, whoops.

And the scratch card - no i did not win but it was very exciting all the same...

This is absolutely amazing Gina, thank you so so much! We organised this swap through the Facebook group, Beauty Box Swaps and set a £10 budget (which Gina clearly went way over the naughty imp).

That is all for now - i have carpets being delivered today and i have to tidy up very quickly, eep.

Lots of love


  1. Yay, so glad you like it! Gutted you didn't win on the scratch card! Can't wait to get mine! xxx

    1. I LOVE it! Thank you again, i know would have been good but thats the fun in it! Let me know as soon as you get yours xx

  2. How awesome! I think swaps are the greatest :) Thanks for visiting my blog!



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