Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Keeping my post lady busy today!

Hello again,
I'm very unsure on correct blog eticate but i am going to go crazy and do two posts in a day. I am doing so because i have received an absolute mound of parcels today and i am very excited by them all. If you go on my last post you will see what i got this morning off the lovely Gina, which was very exciting.
My next bits and bobs are a random assortment of things.

I have been with my boyfriend James for over four years now and he has a 5 year old Son, Ben. We see Ben at weekends and he stays over with us. When we bought our house his was the first room that we decorated and I still am finding cute little things to go in it.

This is before we moved in his toys!
The poor boy however did not have a door to his bedroom until last weekend when James finally got round to putting a new one in (Coincidently this weekend he cried when he went to bed because he was scared so we had to leave the door open haha), he was so excited with his new door we ordered him this:

I don't know if you are aware but small boys grow very very very fast - we had to go and buy him a whole new wardrobe last week because he had shot out of everything we had bought him at Christmas, he is only 5 and he now wears age 6-7 clothes. I saw this on little woods Ebay for 99p, Bargain.

I am organising a scavenger hunt for an activity for Katie's Hen weekend (Katie is James sister) and i am putting together goody bags. I have had a few things delivered today *warning willies*

Handmade willy soaps

I ordered these little bags to put a little hen charm in that i also got today

Mini sweet bags, much smaller than i expected but still cute. 
 I still have loads more bits ordered for the party bags but they have not come yet, the next lot are very willy themed and i will update when they arrive!

And Mother bear sent me some clothes for work as she saw some bargains in M&S because shopping round here is pants. She sent two pairs of trousers, two shirts and a pair of court shoes.

These are all the exciting things that came through my door this morning and i hope this was not too boring for you. I am STILL waiting for the carpet fitter to turn up :(

Much Love

P.s if you would like to receive one pink willy soap (i ordered a few too many) leave a comment below and I will send one out to a lucky lady ha ha x


  1. you have won the versatile blogger award


    1. Oh That's fab Claire thank you! I had no idea what you meant as i'm new to this but i shall follow your instructions and do the post tonight :D I was not able to get to the post office today as my carpet fitter literally turned up half an hour ago when he was supposed to be here at 11am but will post tomorrow chicka


  2. love the blog miss! saw you on bloghop and thought i'd say hello! now following you :) follow me back ?

    hugs, xo!

    1. Hello! Nice to meet you Jasmine - i am super new to this and have zero idea what a blog hop is but i am very glad you found me! Just had a quick look at your blog (i should not be on my laptop I have carpet fitters in who require cups of tea ) and it looks beautiful, i love all your pics. Maybe one day i will also have a posh pretty-full blog! Kerri xxxxx

  3. Thank you for being my 100th follower!
    Loving the novelty Hen party items, made me chuckle!

  4. Your mom has great taste. Ben's room is so cute I'm jealous!! Penis soaps? Bahahaha

    1. My mum is much trendier than i will ever be haha. Yeah i love his room too, when we have guests over his is the only "finished" room that i can show off :) hehe yes penis soaps -They actually smell quite nice, they are even paraben free. Essential for a hen party ;) xx

  5. Hi Karri,
    I'm following your blog through a link from BBS! :-)
    Hope your enjoying blogging! I'm fairly novice too! X

  6. Hey :) Nice haul! I love the room decor and the hen night goodies ;)

    I'm now following your blog!


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