Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ebay Parcel #1

I have been a little eBay crazy over the last few weeks, can not resist a bargain. I think i am going to blog each of my parcels so you can see what i got - they are pretty random items!
My doorbell rang today and i got super excited - i thought it was a secret swap i am waiting to receive. I got the parcel, camera and went to open it in the garden - it turns out it was a forgotten about eBay buy but i will share it anyway.

 I visited my Mum a few weeks back in Blackpool and we decided to visit Southport for the day. When we were there we did not do any shopping but had a look in this cool independent toy shop that sold unusual kids toys. In the window was a display for Teifoc. Teifoc is like posh Lego, real mini bricks and a special mortar to stick them together. This sets like real concrete until you want to play again and you dissolve the mortar in water. As you probably already know James has a little one who is 6 and i knew he would love this (and i wanted to play) but they are pretty expensive. I got lucky and found one on eBay for a third of the price, yay! You can however buy it here.

The set has been used once but i found more of the mortar for about a fiver when we need more. The set comes with bricks, roof tiles, windows, doors, a mat to build on, and the mortar. I seriously can not wait for Ben to play with this, it is super cool (in my opinion anyway!)

I will take some pictures of our creations in the near future. If we like it then we will buy more of the little sets to add to our brick collection.

My other eBay buys are slightly more girlie and things you are probably interested in hehe. If anybody has some cool ebay sellers to buy from let me know!



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