Monday, 2 July 2012

The best present ever...

Hello my darlings!
Today the weather is miserable and i was also a little miserable too. I began to tidy my house, did the kitchen, gave up and started watching episode after episode of Peep Show. Then a knock at my door turned my day right around. A parcel, a massive parcel at that, was handed to me. This parcel has been sent from Danielle, a beauty box swapper for the Queens Jubilee Swap (any excuse ladies!). As you can tell from my blog, i am a huge fan of swaps, there is nothing more exciting than opening beauty gifts in my opinion. I have swapped with Danielle before, you can see that post here. I thought i would share what i received with you as i personally love reading these sort of posts.

Such pretty wrapping

Made from a recycled bottle

I bought this lipstick off ebay - I had no idea Danielle was the seller! 

Oh my gosh

How seriously stunning

Is this?!


 I am totally blown away. This is the best present ever! Its so strange to think somebody knows exactly what i like when they have never met me. I really hope Danielle likes her gifts as much as i like mine.

I will be doing some serious reviewing this month with all my new things!

A very very happy,


  1. These korres shadows look amazing!!! What's the quality like?? Xx

    1. Ive not tried them yet, will do a review this week though if you are interested! The packaging is really cool, each shadow has its own lid, not sure of the usefulness of that but i liked it haha x

  2. Ohhh i've just ordered the same MUA pallete today looks great. I've been wearing bare minrels blush today and i love it x

  3. Woooww what amazing stuff!
    What a coincidence that she was the ebay seller :)
    Swaps are so fun, I love reading about swaps!


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