Friday, 13 July 2012

My £6 haul

I went for a stroll today in my local town with a friend for coffee and grabbed some serious bargains! This is a very random assortment of things but i thought i would share.

I spotted this photo frame in a charity shop, other than being a little dusty it is in perfect condition. It was my sisters birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday Sis!) and i plan to get a nice picture for this to add to her presents when i next see her.
Sister Photo Frame 50p RSPCA charity shop
I am going away in September to Cyprus with five of mine and James friends which is very exciting. We are however completely skintos and are toying with the idea of just taking hand luggage to save on the £40 charge for a case. We will be staying at our friends parents apartment and can wash clothes so we should be able to do it, i always find i wear the same things over again on holiday and never wear half of the things i packed. I was only last night looking for a hand luggage sized suitcase but found they were either rubbish quality or £20 each - in which case we could just share a big case! So i was very happy to spot this gem in Scope for a mere £2.50! It is real leather with only a few scuffs on the outside, lots and lots of year left in it. If we decide on using a case James will be able to use this when he goes away with work and look very professional. Actually when i went into a little gift shop today with this the lady got excited thinking i was a jewellery agent bringing things in for her to buy!

Leather weekend bag £2.50
Inside main compartment

Laptop compartment
This is a very random purchase. In my town there is a lovely kitchen shop but it is very expensive. We saw a sale sign in the window and decided to have a nosey. Ever the bargain hunter i saw the magic "Everything £1" basket and headed straight to it. I found these, Ecozone washing balls. They contain no harsh chemicals, last 150 washes, wash at 30 degrees, antibacterial, and best of all the starter set was reduced from £11.99 to just a quid! There was also the full size eco stain remover and replacement Eco Balls for £1 each too!
I must admit i am not holding out high hopes but i will be thrilled if they work, i do love the artificial but lovely smell of my fabric conditioner and the instructions warn you that it is hard to get used to - i shall persevere. These will also save me a pretty penny if they work - my usual wash stuff costs £6 for 30 tablets and then fabric conditioner on top. I have a wash load in now so if anybody is interested how these go let me know, i might pick up another set for a give-away tomorrow?
Eco Balls set £3

And that is everything i have to share for today - not the most exciting haul for you but i am chuffed with my bargains.

Lots of love

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  1. Im intrigued how those eco balls work! Ive seen them around. Deffo let me know haha :) x


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