Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New hair, what do you think?

With a busy two weeks of graduation and a wedding it was about time i bit the bullet and paid to get my hair done properly. I am a box of dye kinda girl, i just cant justify spending lots of pennies when a home dye gives me ok results. Recently however my hair has started to go a little yellow which meant i was due some professional treatment and i feel i can justify the expenditure with two big events coming up. I actually cashed in some birthday money i had not claimed off my Auntie to treat myself  (i get I.O.U's until i find something iu really like). I get a little nervous visiting the salon, i dont do very well with salon small talk but my hairdresser today was lovely and put me at ease with a brew and a chit chat. My hairdresser recommended i had some brown put through with the blonde as she thought it would suit me so i told her to go for it! she put one brown foil for every 3 blonde so it stayed light.


Severe roots


First customer in :)

Lots and lots of foils

Blonde and brown

Roots vanished, yay!


As you can see it is lots darker than before, i think it will take a few days to get used to as its a bit strange seeing myself right now but i do really really like it. My hairdresser assured me in a few washes the brown will lighten lots and settle as it has been put on top of bleach blonde. I had about an inch off the ends to make it healthier, some long layers and shaped round my face and a fabulous blow dry. What do you think, keep up with the darker tones or have more blonde next time? I will  upload pics again after a few washes so you can see it when its settled.

I must say it is very nice to be treated and pampered for a morning!

Lots of love


  1. It looks amazing i wish my hair would grow as long ar yours! I've justhad it cut to get rid of the dead ends! x

  2. Kerri, you look stunning!! Of course, you always look amazing my friend, but your hair looks fantastic! The layers and the color are so flattering on you. It's kind of fun going into the salon, isn't it? :)

  3. It loosk so lovely! I always used to used packet dye, until I went blonde and now I wouldn't dream of it. professional result is always a better one I think.



  4. I think it looks lovely!! Can't beat getting your hair done at a salon!!


  5. Oh my...you look so sexy and gorgeous with your hair. Love it. I wish I have that kind of hair.


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