Monday, 16 July 2012

Nars Orgasm and Sleek Guipure dupe review

I have owned Nars orgasm since Christmas and have loved using it. The colour is very pretty and super build-able. At first i found the glitter a little too much but i have learnt to work with it and it has become a daily essential. Some time ago i received a Sleek palette as a gift and have only just got round to trying it. I have read many reviews on the elusive Sleek Rose Gold blush and how similar it is to Nars Orgasm but found another of their blushes, Guipure, could be used as a dupe. The Sleek Palette retails at a very reasonable £9.99 whilst Nars blushes set you back £21.

Sleek Blush by 3 palette and Nars Orgasm

Sleek: Crochet, Guipure, Chantilly Nars: Orgasm
 These blushes are different, Nars has a pinker undertone while the Sleek is rather more golden however on the skin they have quite a similar finish.
 Nars Orgasm has a strange texture, it seems gritty in the pan and to get a swatch with your finger you have to rub very hard. I found this puzzling when i first started to use this blush but have found it does work well with a quality blusher brush. Sleek Guipure on the other hand is very powdery, it takes very little pressure to pick up lots of product and only requires a light hand.
L: Nars R:Sleek

L:Nars R:Sleek

L: Sleek R:Nars
Ok these are not identical but they are both great blushes with a pretty golden shimmer. I personally think that Sleek Guipure would look fabulous on holiday and make the best on my tan, wheras Orgasm suits my very pale skin tone. If your strapped for cash grab the sleek palette, you wont be disappointed especially as you get two other beautiful colours for under £10!



  1. They are both beautiful... and now I want them both, damn!!! ;)
    I got some Nars blushes and love them, never tried Sleek tho.

    1. Sleek is excellent - very pigmented and cheap! x


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